New mum Kate Lawler rushes baby girl to the hospital due to infection


Former Big Brother winner and radio presenter Kate Lawler has had to rush her newborn daughter Noa to the hospital after her baby caught an infection.

40-year-old Kate welcomed the birth of her first child into the world two weeks ago on February 12, after a complicated labor and delivery. It resulted in baby Noa needing to spend a few days in the ICU, after experiencing breathing difficulties and losing a good bit of her birth weight.

However, their tiny tot made a swift recovery, gaining enough of her weight back so that both mother and baby could leave the hospital and go home five days after birth.


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Unfortunately though, things have taken a turn for the worse with Kate needing to rush her newborn back to the hospital now, after her daughter caught an infection in her finger, known as paronychia.

“Called 111 as her finger tip was red, hot and swollen. Was told to bring her straight to A&E to get it seen to, as it’s infected,” Kate informed her followers on Instagram Stories on Thursday evening.

Continuing, Kate said, “We’re having to stay overnight as she’s too young to be sent home with antibiotics. They’ve attempted to put a cannula in four times but it’s not worked. Noa was so distressed. They’re giving her a rest before trying again.”

In a later update Kate explained, “It took eight attempts to get her cannula in. That’s eight needles into a different part of her hand or foot until they were successful. We have to stay 24 hours. I need to sleep.”

As Kate said, paronychia is an infection of the finger, which was being treated with antibiotics via the cannula. Updating her fans from A&E this morning, Kate said her daughter “slept well from 4am. She looks healthy so hopefully it’s a sign she’s responding well.”

“I am in awe of this little lady’s strength and bravery,” the new mum gushed alongside a sweet snap of her tiny tot wrapped up in a spotty black and white blanket.

Our thoughts are with Kate and her family at this worrisome time and we’re wishing for little Noa to make a swift, healthy recovery.