Nestlé are now doing romantic meals for you… and your CAT

Most of us will admit to feeding our animals scraps under the table or letting them climb onto the couch for a cuddle.

But one thing that is almost never shared by an animal and a human is a romantic meal for two. Until now, that is. 

As part of a (rather strange) promotional campaign for Mon Petit cat food, Nestlé is offering an unique catering service – complete with a private chef – for you and your cat. 

The chef will turn up to your door and whip up a four-course meal for you and your furry feline.


Now, the chef won't make the same meal for you and your pet (thank god), but the meal will consist of the same foods. 

For the starter, the cat will be served a pouch of Mon Petit maguro (tuna) and a similar fish dish garnished with vegetables will be served to the human. 

Next, they move onto the soup – Mon Petit crab and sardines will be given to the feline and a delicious bowl of crab, scallops and sardine soup for the owner. 

And then guests can prepare to feast on the main course, as Mon Petit will serve roast chicken in a vegetable sauce for the kitty and a human version of the dish for the owner. 

The catering service costs a massive €170, but good news (or bad, whatever you're into) is that the service is only available in Japan. 

We're not quite sure whether this idea is crazy or brilliant, but one thing's for sure, the cat will probably have a tummy ache afterwards.