Nerdy hobbies that we are totally on board with!


If you're sick of sitting in front of Netflix every night after work or listlessly flicking through week-old magazines, then you may be in need of a hobby!

With the weather becoming more miserable by the second, we're not going to suggest you take up rollerblading or pole dancing, but why not give one of these five a go?

Yes, they're a bit nerdy, but so what? They're also fun and useful; everything you could want from a hobby you can do from the couch, right?

It used be the reserve of our grandmothers, but knitting has taken on a whole new lease of life in recent years! You need look no further than Instagram accounts and Facebook posts to see how many people are proud to boast that the snood they’re rocking is handmade or that their niece is currently sporting the cutest cardigan known to man, all courtesy of their talented auntie or uncle.

Girls, there’s no greater feeling than being complimented on something YOU MADE YOURSELF!

Many girls are hoarders; we have boxes FULL of old photos, cards, and random scribblings from our school days stashed around our rooms, but how often do we sit down and go through them? How much easier would it be to stroll down memory lane if all your souvenirs and mementos were in scrapbooks?

Take your time with this hobby, going through years of memorabilia is a mammoth task, but let’s face it, your 2002 Westlife ticket deserves your time and attention!

Photo albums
Like scrapbooking, this deserves time and should be enjoyed! Remember before our lives went digital, we used to get our photos developed? Well, if you’re anything like us you have piles of photos in drawers around your room that need a proper home.

Treat yourself to some lovely albums and take the time to chronicle the photos that meant so much to you once upon a time! How much nicer is it to flip through an album than click on the next shot?

Again, normally the reserve of our parents or grandparents, but there’s a lot to be said for taking twenty minutes every day to challenge yourself. You don’t have to fish around the apartment for a newspaper, simply download a crossword app and get answering!

There’s no feeling quite like filling in that last white box and knowing that you, in no uncertain terms, are a GENIUS.

This is a seriously fun hobby which guarantees a lot of satisfaction. Yes, it sounds like a little bizarre, but all it involves is gluing images of your choice on an object and covering them in layers of glue until you’ve transformed a dull object into something you would proudly display around your place.

Grab an old shoe box, decide on a theme, entirely cover the box with these pictures, cover in layers of PVC glue and voila! Storage boxes that are as cute as anything you’d find in the shops!

Give it a go, ladies, you never know, you could discover knitting is one of your secret talents!