Naked photos of Selena Gomez leaked online?


Has someone leaked topless photos of Selena Gomez online? Well, at first glance, it certainly looks that way.

Some people are speculating that her ex Justin Bieber leaked the photos himself (we wouldn’t put it past him), but her reps are saying that it’s not her in the photos – and we think we believe them.

You can’t see the girl’s face in the photos, but she has freckles identical to Selena Gomez on her chest. But how hard is it to draw on a couple of freckles, really? You can see the photos for yourself here, but be warned, they are NSFW.

The deciding factor for us was her teeth. Here is an up close shot of Selena Gomez’s ACTUAL teeth:

And here is a close up of the topless girl’s teeth:

Selena’s are more slanted, right? We’re fairly sure these photos are fake – Justin Bieber, you’re off the hook – for now!