Nail art trends for spring that we are loving


The first hints of the new season are making themselves known everywhere – the first tips of crocuses and snowdrops cropping up, the days getting just a little longer, and the latest trends for 2021 dropping onto our newsfeeds.

One that we're really excited about is the incoming nail art trends that we're seeing popping up all over our Instagrams. Our hands have been ravaged for so long by hand sanitiser and lack of access to a nail bar, that we are simply dying for some some cute new designs to show off in the spring. Here's a quick sneak peek at what's going to be big in nail care in 2021.

A new take on French tips

This one has been on the cards to come back for a while now. These are not your 2004 fake nail press ons and messy manicures.


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This art takes the classic look and twists it with intricate, abstract and sleek designs, giving an old trend a new lease of life.

Nail artistry


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Drawings and doodles are also being seen featuring o major nail artists's pages, the bold looks featuring anything from this artistic body sketch to themed doodles, like this Alice in Wonderland piece.


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This style works best when kept simplistic like with line art or more abstract pieces, but the creativity and steady hand required has us in awe!

Mauve nails


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This is going to be one of the major colours of spring. Light, fresh and goes with so many other colours, this is the true all rounder of nail polish.


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We're seeing a lot of gradients happening with this colour, which we're loving as it allows a little variety, but we can't wait to see what artists are going to to with this feminine and soft colour.

Groovy designs


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We're not surprised the 70s trend that is making its way into 2021's fashion radar is also influencing nail art.


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Be prepared to see lots of funky patterns, vibrant colours and textured materials as the folksy,and disco trends of the seventies make their mark on the nail world!

Glammed up marbling

Another classic, the trend that arrived with a bang in 2018, marbling has had an upgrade since then. Now, metallics are having a moment in the marbling trend.

Beautiful colours swirl and collide in these stunning creations and now artists are adding a little glitz to the situation. Glittering marble threads are running through the designs, in gold, silver and bronze, adding a more dimensional look to the slick trend.

Any favourites out of all of these? We're definitely running to the salons to get a mauve manicure as soon as they're open again!