My Lovely App is here and Father Ted fans are feeling the pressure

Another day, another app that has everyone with a smart phone double tapping or right swiping. We thought that there was very little that had not yet been turned into an app.

However, this is one that has made every Father Ted fan’s day! 

My Lovely App (we kid you not) has launched and it is the only smartphone feature you will probably ever need.

Irish design studio Reflex Studios launched the Father Ted quiz app this week and it is available to download from Google Play or iTunes. To make it even better, the app is free.

Users are provided with 200 questions based on the entire series. However, per quiz you are tasked with answering 10 random questions. 

The app also tests you on how long it takes you to correctly answer the questions, so you better be prepared for some heated competitions.

Of course you can then share your score on social media. 

If there was ever a special someone in your life with a desperate longing for a Father Ted board game, then you should definitely let them know the answer to their problems has been found. 

The “ultimate Father Ted quiz” apparently boasts questions that only the most hard core fans will be capable of answering. You know you want to… 

Careful now, fingers crossed the trivia won’t lead to any intense fan competition.