Mrs. Hinch dashes out to A&E after ‘snapping toe in half’

Mrs. Hinch, otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe, has had quite an eventful 24 hours. Right now she might be living the glam life, as she dashes about London doing radio interviews, however, last night was another story altogether.

Addressing her 4.2M Instagram followers from the hospital hallway last night, Sophie revealed that she’s just had some x-rays done.

“Well hello everyone. 1am in the morning and I’ve just had an x-ray on my toe!” Sophie wrote in the caption, adding, “I thought I had dislocated it, turns out I’ve literally snapped my toe in half. Good one Soph.”

Sophie then goes on to explain how the whole ordeal happened, and it sounds absolutely horrific. “Well, I was trying Lennie in his own bedroom again and I heard him cry so I jumped up out of bed and ran to his bedroom but caught my toe on the door frame and heard it crack.” Ouch!

Continuing, she explained, “I tried to pop it back straight and it’s snapped. The x-ray picture was rather interesting! Who would have thought a little toe could be so bloomin’ painful, eh?”

However, the show must go on as Sophie then proceeded to update us on how the rest of her morning’s gone, including a nice hot bath and straight into a taxi to London without a second to sleep.

“Well that was an eventful evening guys! Finally got home from A&E at 4am, had a bath and got dressed because I was picked up at 6am to head into work so I haven’t been to bed yet. BUT I am on my way @virginradiouk (wearing one shoe and one slipper),” she hilariously wrote.