Movies that make you love and adore winter!

Some films capture the joy of winter so perfectly that you could be watching it on the laptop in your garden on a glorious July day (they still happen every so often, right?) and it will make you ACHE for the beauty that is the cold season.

We’re not just talking about your bog standard Christmas or holiday films either, although while we’re at it some classics couldn’t be ignored, but mostly those films that make us long for crisps afternoons, perishing nights and snug winter coats.

Set in New York during what looks like the most beautiful winter of all time, Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack dash around the city in stunning winter wear, tussle over cashmere gloves (as you do) and ultimately find out if destiny plays a part in true love, all against a winter backdrop so breath-taking it would make you give up all your future summers.

Bridget Jones Diary
We don’t know how they did it, but they did it. The makers of Bridget Jones Diary actually made being outside in a snow storm wearing nothing, but a ratty cardigan, seriously dodgy trainers and a pair of knickers look SO appealing. Was it the presence of the dashing Mark Darcy or was it the swirling snow on a quaint British street? The swirling snow, we’re certain.

Dumb & Dumber
Ski lodges, dodgy winter jumpers and roaring fires- Dumb & Dumber did winter so well.
Yes, the perishing cold meant Harry and Lloyd got stuck together on their moped and yes, Harry also got his tongue stuck to a cable car, but did you honestly watch this 1994 classic and NOT long for a winter weekend break in a ski resort in Aspen?

In Bruges
In fairness, the Belgian city of Bruges would look stunning in any season, but its beauty was really intensified by the crisps looking days, the cosy restaurant settings and the glorious continental way of rocking winter wools. Ok, so Colin Farrell look permanently perishing and the clock tower scene will haunt us forever, but apart from that Bruges wins at winter.

Home Alone: Lost in New York
We couldn’t leave this one out. The sequel always seems more Christmassy than the first, and that has to be down to the gorgeous exterior shots of New York in winter, right? A snowy Central Park, Rockefeller Centre’s Christmas Tree and Duncan’s Toy Chest bring us right back to the winters of our childhoods…minus Harry, Marv and The Big Apple, but Grafton Street lights and festive window displays count, don’t they?