More bad news for Naya Rivera?


Is somebody trying to destroy Naya Rivera’s image?

According to her rep, that may just be the case.

The comments came following numerous reports that Naya had not only been fired from Glee, but had also been dropped by Columbia Records.

Naya’s rep spoke to E! and cleared up any misconceptions that appear to be doing the rounds lately with regards to her career:

“Any reports or rumours circulating that Naya Rivra was let go or fired from Glee are absolutely untrue. End of story … The newest story claiming that Naya Rivera was dropped from her recording contract with Columbia Records is absolutely false … Someone obviously has an agenda to damage Naya’s good name and the media are failing at their duty to responsibly vet their sources and verify what is true and what is not. Naya’s attorneys are prepared to take any and all legal action to enforce and protect her rights.”

Poor Naya!