Model slams website for body shaming her


The weight debate is something of a constant in today’s media – if someone isn’t being criticised for gaining weight, they are being slammed for looking too thin.

One person who decided enough is enough, is Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio, who has lashed out at those body shaming her for being thin.

In a post on her Facebook page, the model wrote:

 “I have a lot of young girls that look up to me as a young woman and role model. I have been criticised for being too skinny and judged purely on my looks. I have been vocal because I believe as women we are all beautiful and no matter what we look like, we deserve to respect ourselves and be respected and loved by others.”

The model directed the message at website, which recently featured an article entitled, ‘Helpful Victoria’s Secret Reminder: Even Models Hate Themselves’.

In it, the article criticised Sampaio’s effort to promote individual beauty after recording a segment in which she stated that even if she wanted fellow model Candice Swanepoel’s figure, she would never be able to attain it.

Sampaio continued in her statement: “The title of your article states that I hate myself. To the contrary, I love myself like I am. I can also look at another woman and admire her beauty.”

She concluded the piece by writing: “Here is to your feminism.”