Model Pippa O’Connor hits back at claims she’s “too skinny”

Pippa O'Connor-Ormond has been celebrating this week after she was named Most Stylish Woman 2015 at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards on Friday night.

Dressed in a stunning blush pink Alice and Olivia gown with a plunging neckline, Pippa looked every bit the style queen. However not everyone was happy with her look, and Pippa has revealed that she received a number negative comments about her weight after posting some pictures from the evening on her social media accounts.

"Ninety-nine per cent of the comments were great and so on but a few comments were,’Oh my God, way too thin’ or ‘eat a burger’”, the mum-of-one revealed to The Irish Sun.

The naturally slim model was taken aback by the needless comments, and says she feels skinny shaming someone is just as hurtful as fat shaming them. "I just thought to myself, ‘That’s the height of ignorance. You wouldn’t say to someone, ‘You’re a few stone overweight, so lay off the burgers’ To me, it’s as insulting."

Pippa added she has no time for people making assumptions about her weight or health. "Personally, because I’m flat chested, it makes me look even slimmer… You’ve no idea what someone does or doesn’t do. That could just be the way someone is and that’s the way I am," she said.

The hurtful comments came just days after actress Amy Huberman deleted a photo from her Instagram account after receiving backlash from commenters about her weight, something which Pippa says struck a chord with her. "I just thought when I saw the picture of Amy, we all need to just think before we speak. I just think it’s rude. It’s bad to other women," she explained.

During her VIP Style Awards acceptance speech, Pippa spoke about the recent death of her mum Louise, who would have celebrated her birthday the day after the ceremony.

Louise passed away unexpectedly last year, leaving behind a devastated Pippa, her brother Cian and sister Susannah.

"I could just imagine my Mum today- on what would have been her birthday," Pippa wrote on her website on Saturday. "She would have been thrilled for me. So it’s a bittersweet day today."