Model catches her husband in bed with TWINS!


It has been confirmed by a close friend of Amber Rose who also happens to be a radio DJ, that Wiz Khalifa cheated on her, not with one woman, but with TWINS.

Peter Roseberg, who says in the video below that he and his wife are close to the model, also said that the couple were having issues up to the moment Amber walked in on her husband in bed with Jas and Ness Rose at one of his homes.


The twins had uploaded images of Wiz with them to their Instagram page, but these appear to be deleted now. 

If this was the case then it’s not surprising Amber marched straight down and filed for divorce the next day – we don’t think she’ll be regretting her decision anytime soon.

It sounds as if Amber truly is friends with this radio host Peter and perhaps she asked him to put out the truth so no more lies could be spread about the divorce – that being said the truth is so scandalous in itself it sounds almost made up!

We’re sure Amber is doing everything she can to get herself and her one-year-old son, Sebastian and hopefully things can get a little better for her soon.

The model has been quiet on social media for the past week since she opened up about the split and confirmed Wiz had cheated on her.