Minkys at the ready: Mrs Hinch hopes to add more book tour dates


Hey Irish Hinchers, drop the Zoflora – we have some good news for you. 

Mrs Hinch is coming to Ireland to promote her new book Hinch Yourself Happy, and if you have always wanted to meet her, here is your chance. 

The expecting mum shot to fame on Instagram thanks to her squeaky clean, beautiful home, as she helps hundreds of thousands of people manage their anxiety via cleaning and tidying.


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Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, accumulated a whopping 2 million Instagram followers in the space of a year thanks to her humour and positivity, as well as her honest portrayal of her life and her amazing cleaning tips. 

Her new book will be available on April 4th, and will focus on accumulating all of her best cleaning and organising hacks in one place. 

Mrs Hinch is taking Hinch Yourself Happy on tour – and she's making a signing stop in Dublin. 


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Over on Instagram, Mrs Hinch posted a list of her book signing dates. 

' I can’t believe I can even say the words “my book tour” if I’m honest.. I’m so so nervous but more than nervous, I’m so excited to meet as many of you as poss! And I’m also so excited for all of my Hinchers to meet each other,' she wrote. 

'We’re all in this together.. so it would mean the absolute world to me to see you all together chatting about hinching and zoflora and minkehs and wishing each other all the very best.'


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Penguin, the books publisher, is clearly anticipating a big turn out, so they are using a ticket system for the signings. 

Tickets cost the same price as the book, and include a signed copy of the book in the price (you can find the ticket link here). 

However, tickets for almost all of the signings are currently sold out. Mrs Hinch took to her Instagram story this morning to promise fans that she would try to secure more dates for signings due to the high demand. 

'I'm going to speak with Penguin with more tickets and dates,' she wrote. 'I so wish I could meet every single one of you some how.'

The signing will take place on April 13th in Easons on O'Connell Street – hopefully more dates will be added soon.