Millie shoulders blame as Professor Green cancels tour


We doubt married life is everything Millie Mackintosh thought it would be.

The Made in Chelsea star must be feeling really awful after husband Professor Green insinuated she’s the reason he hasn’t been able to record new music.

The pair have had a rocky six months, with numerous reports of trouble in their relationship, and this latest event definitely won’t help to squash those rumours.

Addressing his decision to cancel his upcoming tour, Professor Green said: “I wanted an album out last October but as most of you are aware a lot has happened in my wonderfully colourful day to day life. I got hit by a car, got married and then had my life turned upside down by an entirely unfounded arrest for something which I was subsequently not charged.”

Having your husband attribute his work problems to your wedding definitely wouldn’t put you in a good mood, but the worst part is still to come.

The rapper then went on to say: “I’m not gonna come out and perform the same set I have been since the last album, it wouldn’t be fair to you – at least not until I’m doing a greatest hits tour when I’m on my third marriage, have twelve kids and a huge tax bill,” he added.

We really hope that “third marriage” bit was a joke…