Millie Mackintosh faces backlash from fans after Instagram snap


Millie Mackintosh has long been an advocate of healthy eating and exercise, however, she has left her fans divided after a photo she posted on her Instagram caused upset.

The photo features the reality TV star’s legs and is captioned: “Miss you my frankfurter friend.”

Millie's personal trainer is also tagged in the photo. 

The joke of course refers to the “hotdogs or legs” gag when girls post photos of their legs.

But the photo isn’t funny to a lot of Millie’s fans and has caused upset with comments such as: “Not good to put pictures like this up” and “It’s not setting a good example to young girls who look up to you as their role model” taking over her feed.

However, many of Millie's followers also stuck up for her, saying that it was not okay to thin shame her either:

The star, who recently unveiled her brand new clothing line, has spoken out about weight bullies in the past, saying that skinny shaming is just as bad as fat shaming: “I got bullied at school, people called me ‘sparrow legs’, so it’s actually quite mean. You wouldn’t comment on a fat girl’s picture, so thin shaming’s not nice either.”

Whatever side you may lie on, it seems like Millie’s fans are well and truly divided, with many opting to unfollow her Instagram account due to the photo.