Miley Cyrus targets Kylie Jenner in bizarre Instagram post


Miley is known for her outrageous Instagram snaps at this stage – but this is terrifying!

The singer shared a photo of her face mashed up with Kylie Jenner’s and the results are certainly eye-catching!

Miley captioned the image: "#Mylie Jenner #whiteandgold."


#MylieJenner #whiteandgold

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However, many fans have pointed out that as Kylie and Miley (sounds like a band!) are not known to be friends, this could be a rather publicly slamming of the young 17-year-old reality TV star.

We doubt Kylie should get too offended just yet though, given that last week Miley targeted Gigi Hadid and her sister in an Instagram post where she pulled a funny face and wrote: “Juz tryin 1 b as kiewt as a Hadid sister.”


Juz tryin 2 b as kiewt as a Hadid sister.

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Looks as if Miley won’t be making too many Hollywood friends if she doesn’t stop slagging them all on Instagram!