Miley Cyrus blasted for controversial Instagram pet snap


Oh Miley, you can’t be serious!

The singer has come in for major criticism yet again, after painting her pet pig’s nails and sharing the evidence to Instagram.

We are not making this up!

The star took to the photo blogging site to post a picture of the animal’s trotters covered in red nail varnish, with the caption: “Pig pig gonna be lookin’ fresh”.

Indeed, Miley.

Another shot shows Miley holding pig Bubba Sue, while a member of her crew continues the strange pampering session.

It seems her social media followers were not impressed however, with one commenting: “I don’t know…I remember that you was good a few years ago. But now you’re just a b*tch”.

Others expressed their concern for Miley’s pet, writing: “Seriously? That’s terrible for the pig.”

Oh Miley, we’re scared to ask what you’ll get up to next!