Mila Kunis leaves interviewer speechless after catty comments

Mila Kunis must have been having a bad day when Stephen Whitty of The Star Ledger met her for an interview. The journalist started out by asking the star how she was feeling, a common curtesy, according to him:

“Now, in most interviews, this question would normally just be a polite bit of throat-clearing. But here there’s a bit of genuine added concern on my part as she is pregnant.”

However, Mila didn’t take it well and replied coldly: “I don’t talk about that for publication”.

Whitty was taken aback by this as Mila has spoken about her pregnancy at great length to Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel and Marie Claire magazine. Obviously she’d had enough.

The interview continued to go badly when Whitty asked her if she was keen to take on more dramatic roles as a challenge:

“I hate when people ask me this question. People have this misconception that comedy’s easy…I’m always looking for challenges and I find a lot of things to be challenging. It can be the director, the producer, a lot of things. I just want to work with people more talented than I am that I can learn from.”

To top it all off, when Mila was asked about moving to the USA from Ukraine when she was seven-years old, she shut him down completely:

“I’ve talked about me moving to America in a hundred interviews. It’s the most mundane subject possible, it’s like everyone’s immigrant story.

“I know what your next question is so let’s just skip it. You’re going to ask me what I think about what’s going on now in Ukraine. Just because I lived there until I was seven doesn’t mean I identify with Ukraine.”

Ouch! We wouldn’t want to get on Mila’s bad side!