Michelle Keegan blasts her fiancé’s ex-girlfriend on Twitter


It looks as if Lauren Goodger is STILL getting to Mark Wright and his fiancée, Michelle Keegan.

The former Corrie beauty wrote a rather catty Twitter comment that appears to be in relation to Lauren.

Lauren has decided to sell the white beaded dress she wore to her engagement party to Mark, and it would seem the loved-up couple find very funny.

Michelle took to her Twitter account and wrote: “Nice early night after being woken up by Mark when he got in at 5am 2 show me something hilarious on his phone! #NoSurprise.”

Meanwhile, it would appear that Lauren is fed up with people assuming she is not over the TOWIE lothario, saying: “Other people need to get over it. Yes, I know we were together a long time, yes we were engaged, broke up, it was true love. It was very intense and there was a lot you didn’t see, but we’ve moved on from that now, and he’s engaged to someone else and I’m happy for him. I wouldn’t want him to have problems and I’m glad he’s with someone else. I’m happy that he’s happy because I will always care for him but I’m not in love with him, if he weren’t happy, I wouldn’t like that.”