Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are doing WHAT at their wedding?!


If you thought Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright's wedding ceremony was going to boast a five star menu, then think again!

It's been revealed the loved-up couple plan to kick it old-school and serve up classic dishes from their respective neck of the woods.
TOWIE star Mark who hails from Essex (the clue is in the name, people) will be treating his guests to fish and chips while his bride-to-be plans to stick to her Northern roots and is opting for pie and mash to tickle her guests tastebuds.

The couple, who despite living the high life, have no intention of forgetting where they came from, with a source close to the pair revealing: "They are both incredibly proud of their roots and want to celebrate where they came from."

While the pair intend to tie the knot at a stunning country estate in Suffolk this May and holiday in one of the world's most luxurious hotels, it looks like they're more than happy to stick to classic British dishes on their big day.

We don't know about you, but we'd opt for fish and chips over caviar any day!

Maybe that'll get us an invitation…