Michelle and Barack did the Thriller dance, and YouTube is hatin’ on it

We'll be honest here – if someone decides to break out the Thriller dance, we're gonna need to see a lot of enthusiasm.

That iconic dance just doesn't cut it unless it's being performed with the same energy Jacko and the crew gave it back in the day.

So, when President Obama and the First Lady decided to give it a bash during a Halloween event in the White House over the weekend, they didn't quite blow us away.

Looking kind of reluctant to fully let their hair down, the couple gave a fairly lacklustre performance, but look, they tried all the same, right?

And while the vast majority of us see the sweetness behind the impromptu routine, not everyone is as willing to offer props.

Commenting on the footage which hit YouTube yesterday, one member of the public wrote: "That's exactly how much effort he puts into his presidency too."

"This is the lowest energy "Thriller Dance" I have ever seen. Sad!" commented one YouTube user.

"The Obama's have no passion for anything American," remarked one while another added: "They should be packing and moving out. Time to go dance your way out of office."

The video has racked up more than 55,000 hits in less than a day, but there's no denying the Obamas have divided the public on this one.