Michael D solidifies his ‘legend’ status with this wedding invite reply


In a world dominated by the antics of one president in particular, it's a relief to remember that our Emerald Isle is represented by the kindest of souls.

We had a little chuckle to ourselves when a very sweet tweet popped up on our feeds this morning. 

98FM Dublin Talks producer Katie Makk very generously extended an invitation to our El Presidente to her wedding, and tweeted his amazing response. 

'So for the craic I sent an invite to my wedding to @PresidentIRL – today I received this in the post good auld Michael D,' tweeted Katie. 

His response was as follows:

'Dear Katie and Alan,

'President Higgins has asked me to thank you most sincerely for your kind invitation to attend at the celebration of your wedding.'

'Your thoughtfulness in extending the invitation is very much appreciated but the President regrets that, due to the extent of his commitments, it is not possible for him to accept.'

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'The President would like to wish you both every happiness for the future.'

What an absolute gentleman. 

How blessed are we to have Michael D?