Meet the man who looks identical to a certain Irish actor


Think that's Colin Farrell in the picture above? Think again.

James Martin is a London-born entertainer and he is the absolute IMAGE of the Irish actor so much so that he regularly  impersonates him on a professional basis. He's been profiled as part of a new Channel 4 series, Lookalikes, and we reckon he could make a lifelong career out of standing in for Colin. 

But while Colin is well known for being admired amongst the female population of Ireland, the opposite seems to be true for his non-biological twin. 

The Londoner said the fact that he looks so similar to the actor has stopped women wanting to date him as they are a bit put off by it. 

29-year-old James constantly gets asked for his autograph but he told the Irish Mirror that he's single and finds it a "struggle to get a nice girl". 

His trouble with the ladies seems to come from Colin's bad boy persona, as women "assume I’m a typical hell-raising womaniser, and some are weird about how much I look like Colin," according to James.

The doppelganger said business as an impersonator has been slow for the past few years as Colin hasn't been landing any leading roles in Hollywood blockbusters. 

Channel 4's new show follows Andy Harmer, the head of celebrity impersonation agency Lookalikes. Himself a David Beckham impersonator, Andy has around 270 lookalikes on his books.

Also starring on the show is this Ed Sheeran wannabe:

And this Gordon Ramsay lookalike who is extremely convincing:

Colin's identical twin still gets our vote though.