‘Infectious’ HSE issue new warning to Cork and Tipperary residents

A renewed appeal for vigilance has been issued to Tipperary and north Cork residents following the confirmation of yet another case of measles in the region.

Addressing the outbreak, which came to public attention in May, public health consultant Dr Kevin Kelleher reminded Morning Ireland listeners that specific steps should be taken if you suspect you or someone you know has been infected with measles.

According to Dr. Kelleher, symptoms – which include high fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and a red rash – should not be ignored, with those exhibiting signs of the condition advised to stay at home, contact their GP and avoid visitors.

With 38 confirmed cases since the outbreak earlier this year, Dr. Kelleher explained: "This case is still part of the whole group of cases that we’ve been speaking about for the last two or three months and it just shows how the trend can go on."

Reminding the public that measles is 'quite infectious', Dr. Kelleher explained: "It does just need a bit of contact like being in the same place as someone for a brief period of time."

In addition to advising Munster residents of the latest case, Dr.Kelleher explained that some confirmed cases were as a result of being imported into the country and not specifically connected to the outbreak.

"The cases we’re talking about have come about as a result of people travelling to parts of Europe and coming back with measles as a result," he explained.

"Your measles vaccine is as important as having your passport ready," he explained. "Because there are parts of Europe where people often go on holiday where measles is still endemic."

According to the HSE, vaccination is the best method of prevention.