McFly’s Harry Judd & wife Izzy reveal the gender of their third baby


McFly drummer Harry Judd and his musician wife Izzy are about to become a family of five as the couple are expecting their third baby.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, Izzy shared such a special gender reveal video, featuring their two adorable children, their five-year-old daughter Lola and three-year-old son Kit.

In the video, little Lola is wearing a sweet white t-shirt with the words ‘Big Sis’ on the front, while Kit wore a navy t-shirt with the words ‘Big Bro’. At the end of the video, Izzy held up a little babygrow with the words ‘Lil Bro’, signifying that they were having another bouncing baby boy.

Remembering her first pregnancies, Izzy recalled, “When I was pregnant with Lola, Harry and I decided to leave the gender as a surprise. Having gone through so much miracle medical intervention and fertility treatment it felt like this little secret was the one thing we could keep left to nature.”

“I loved not knowing and Harry being the person to tell me she was a girl when she was born,” the soon-to-be mum-of-three lovingly wrote.

“When I was pregnant with Kit we had decided not to find out but then after both thinking that the sonographer gave the game away when he said ‘sportsman’s legs’ we asked them to write the gender down in an envelope, but we never opened the envelope, even though it sat in our kitchen drawer throughout the pregnancy!”

“This time around we decided we would like to find out, mainly for Lola & Kit. It’s lovely to be able to share this with you. I’ve loved not knowing and knowing, how about you?” Izzy wrote.

This exciting news comes three months after the pair announced their third pregnancy to the world. However, the most adorable moment came when Harry and Izzy shared the wonderful news with their two children.

They decided to let Lola and Kit know that another baby was on the way by writing them a letter telling them that “Mummy has a baby in her tummy”. The two little ones were so excited, rubbing Izzy’s bump and kissing their new little brother.

Huge congrats to both Harry and Izzy on their third bundle of joy — we can’t wait to see who their little man grows up to be!