Mariah Carey wants to build a €18 MILLION museum of… herself?

We know Dolly Parton has Dollywood, a theme park dedicated to everything Dolly. And Taylor Swift, of course, has The Taylor Swift Education Centre, where you can learn literally everything there is to know about Tay Tay. 

But now, Mariah Carey wants to go one further and build a museum in tribute to her 25-year career. And that's not it. She wants to make it portable as well. 

An insider told Heat that Mariah thinks the world deserves a shrine of her work and many achievements. 

They were also told that it will display, "her concert outfits, platinum record collection, a recreation of her childhood home, award-show footage and vintage recordings playing on loop, baby photos, treasures from her home, displays of her jewellery collection and home movies of her children." Wow. 

The insider adds, "She has warehouses full of Mariah memorabilia, and I think she'd really throw herself into the project."

And who will be funding this portable museum, you ask? That would be Mariah's billionaire boyf, James Packer. 

"He can't say no to his girlfriend, even though he thinks this idea is way out there, even for Mariah.

"She thinks the whole thing would cost around $20m (€18m) to build a travelling museum, with the first stop being Las Vegas and her home town, New York."