Margot Robbie reveals Leonardo Di Caprio’s interesting on-set hobby!


At the age of 18, the talented Margot Robbie earned a role on the set of popular Aussie soap Neighbours, a show which Leonardo Di Caprio became very interested in after meeting the blonde actress.

Opening up about her Wolf of Wall Street co-star, Margot revealed: "When I started on The Wolf, Leo and Martin Scorcese had heard of Neighbours and were aware of what it was, but they hadn't seen any epsiodes."

Determined to remedy that oversight, the Hollywood star did what any of us would do in that situation and immediately went online to school himself on the ins and outs of Ramsey Street.

Admitting that the theme song of the long-running Australian soap could be heard on the set of the 2014 film, 24-year-old Margot chatted about Leo's interest in her past roles.

Appearing at the soap's 30th anniversary reunion, Margot told the Sunday Telegraph that Leo was determined to get to grips with her character Donna Freedman on Neighbours, saying: "He went on YouTube and watched a few clips."

How nervous would you be having Oscar-nominated (eek- touchy subject) Leonardo Di Caprio check out your CV?!