Maltesers launch mint flavoured bites and we need to try them

We said we would cut back on chocolate in 2020 but that is near impossible when brands are releasing new products every other day.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange mini eggs are on the way for Easter and we ate our weight in Cadbury’s Heroes over the Christmas holidays. There’s just no stopping us.

Maltesers aren’t making things any easier either. They are set to release a brand new sweet treat and we cannot wait to try it.


They are releasing mint flavoured Malteser Bites in March and we’re already drooling over them.

The mint-flavoured sweets will be available in small 32g bags and 102g share bags.


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They have also launched Maltesers Biscuits and they look divine. The biscuits come in a pack of five which certainly won’t last more than two minutes in our house. We’ll obviously have to buy a separate packet for each member of the family.

Do not judge if you see us with a trolley full of Malteser Mint Bites and Biscuits in the local supermarket.