Making new friends can be super awkward at this age


When we were kids, making friends was so easy and came so naturally. However, when we got a bit older, it became weirdly awkward and difficult.

Here are the super awkward moments of making a new friend in your mid 20s.

1. Saying hello
You always see them on the bus, or along the corridor and you know you should say hi, but what if they think you’re a weirdo?!

2. Awkward chit chat
You begin to break the ice and slowly realise…you have no idea what the hell you are doing.

3. Conversation
When you finally get into the swing of things, you begin to feel like you totally have a bond with this person.

4. Social Media
Should you add them or is it still too early?

5. In jokes
You know a friendship is for keeps when you are both in fits of laughter no one else can fathom. It totally wasn’t that funny.

6. Full blown insults
After a while, you can’t remember the last time you greeted this person without adding an insult to the end of the sentence. Outside of your friendship you wouldn’t dare talk to somebody like this, but nothing quite expresses your relationship with this person like random curse words.

7. Family
This person has met your family and has no problems talking to your mother over a cup of tea and a few biscuits. Your parents ask how they’re getting on with life and your nan even lights an extra candle for them for their exam results. This person who you awkwardly talked to about your holidays has eventually become part of the family and you can’t remember a time without them. Totally worth it!

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