Magic Mike XXL star has a serious thing for our “Celtic swagger”


“The Irish are hot.” Why thank you Matt Bomer, we think you’re pretty easy on the eyes also. 

After college,the Magic Mike XXL star moved to Galway and says he fell in love with the “celtic swagger” they we possess. Can’t say we’ve heard that one before, but thanks all the same Matt.

He says it helped him develop the skills necessary for those stripper scenes. 

Matt says that “that city [Galway] changed me.” The 37-year old dad of three (married to Hollywood publicist Simon Halls) had previously been studying theatre before he decided he wanted to get out of the States for a while.

Matt said he had family roots here in Ireland decided this was the place to be. He admitted that he found it a little difficult when he first arrived:

“I was probably a little shy because I hadn’t been out of the States much but [the Irish], they have that self-assurance, that swagger, it’s so infectious and crazy amazing. The Irish are hot.”

At the premiere for Magic Mike XXL in London Matt said that if you were in Galway some 15 years ago he could have been the one serving your drinks. Who knew.

He was a bartender at Busker Brownes and a waiter at Kirby’s on Cross Street. He obviously has some fond memories of his time here as he credits it with helping boost his career.

He says after living in Galway that he “definitely built up more confidence which can’t have hurt my career.”

While he says that he loved his time in Galway in the past and it’s one of his “favourite places in the world”, he’s not the only one in his family with a passion for the Irish nation. His sister married a Galway man herself.

So does this mean Matt could be relocating to our hopeful shores soon? Maybe! Matt told reporters in London:

“I need to get back sooner rather than later. I miss that Celtic swagger,”

We can’t wait for you to show us that Celtic swagger in person next time Matt.