Love her or hate her: 8 times Taylor Swift was just SOOO Taylor Swift


Whether we want to believe it or not, it’s been a whole ten years since Taylor Swift politely tiptoed onto the music scene with her self-titled debut album.

And over the course of that decade, Taylor has undergone some pretty big changes.

Having graduated from ringlets and cowgirl boots to DJ boyfriends and crowded arenas, T-Swizzle has firmly established herself as one of the biggest stars of our generation and like any uber-star, she’s got her lovers and her haters.

But that has never stopped Tay being Tay, has it?

Like, what about…

1. That time she took squad attendance at an awards show.

"You! No, not you! Sit down, you!

2. That time she thought she was best friends with Kimye.

"A shout-out should be enough to keep that phone call on the DL."

3. That time she was asked to write about anything other than past relationships.

"And miss out on a Grammy?"

4. That time she was asked what she'd be if she wasn't Tay.

"It probably sounds a little out there, but…"

5. That time she gave a Ross Geller-esque middle finger to the industry.

"Is my mom watching this? Ah, screw it."

6. That time she started talking only in track lyrics.

"You'll be a prince and I'll be a princess, and are we out of the woods?"

7. That time she tried to suck all the energy out of the room and into her own body.

"I need it more than they do."

8. That time she summed up her career in one short sentence.

"And that's about it…"

So yeah, congrats on the ten-year anniversary, Taylor.