Love Island fans exclaim over first look at Casa Amor fallout

The fallout from Casa Amor continues!

During last night’s episode of Love Island, viewers were shocked by the chaos of the Casa Amor recoupling.

While there were a few happy reunions, other couples soured as the true nature of the boys’ antics were revealed.

In particular, Uma and Matilda were left heartbroken when they discovered that their respective partners, Wil and Sean, tested connections with other girls – despite ultimately choosing to stay with their partners.


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Now, in the first look teaser for tonight’s episode, the drama appears to be continuing as Uma and Matilda come face to face with their boys’ flames from Casa Amor.

In the teaser, Uma and Matilda chat to their co-star Grace as they catch up after the recoupling.

“I’m very, very conflicted right now. He’s been in bed with these girls, snogging them and all this stuff,” Matilda admits, adding: “What happened to our little baby, perfect, angel face Sean?”

Grace continues: “The fact that he’s done that and had his little boys’ holiday. Like, which Wil said in his speech as well. He was like, ‘You know it’s just a boys holiday, I’m just here to have fun.’”


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“He said that?” Uma responds in disbelief. 

In a later clip, Uma gets a text which reads: “Uma and Matilda, please get ready to leave the villa as Diamanté and Lucy would love a catch up.”

Meanwhile, Nicole takes the opportunity to get to know Ciaran’s former flame, Ellie.

“It was on and off messaging for a good few months. We never went on dates or anything like that. We did see each other on a night out, which I think he’s probably not told you,” Ellie admits.


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Ellie then goes on to state: “I am quite shocked that his head hasn’t turned just because of what I sort of know he’s like on the outside.”

Following the teaser, many Love Island fans have been sharing their thoughts ahead of tonight’s episode.

“It’s lowkey giving jealousy from Ellie but we will see,” one viewer commented on Instagram.

“Uma and Matilda will 100% forgive Wil and Sean,” another predicted.