Louis Theroux is making a new doc on university sexual assault

Louis Theroux is arguably the most recognisable documentary filmmaker of our time, with his vast catalogue of documentaries chronicling some of the most interesting and abrasive aspects of anthropology. 

From his in-depth analysis of a sex-offenders institution in the United States to his commentary on Ultra Zionists in the West Bank, the British filmmaker has an uncanny knack for ingratiating himself with his subjects – a skill which ultimately provides viewers with a clearer understanding of the matter at hand.

It has been announced that the journalist will be creating a new film, focusing on sexual assault and harassment on university campuses. 


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The new BBC documentary will see Louis travel to the US to document the debate surrounding consent.

The Night in Question will see Louis interview survivors of sexual assault, who feel strongly that the consent guideline which have been applied to US universities in recent years are very necessary. 

He will also speak will alleged perpetrators of sexual assault, who feel negatively towards to guidelines and the implications they have brought on their lives and reputations. 

According to DigitalSpy, the documentary will explore the opinions of those who feel that consent guidelines are an 'overreaction.' 

Some argue that the allegations thy have been expelled from university over would not be upheld in a criminal court. 

University officials who look at these allegations of assault and decide the punishment will also have their say. 

The Night in Question will air on BBC Two, but does not yet have a release date.