Lottie Ryan opens up about her premature delivery at 33-weeks

Irish broadcaster and new mum Lottie Ryan is absolutely besotted with her baby boy. However, it wasn’t exactly an easy road to get to where she is today.

This past June, Lottie and her husband Fabio welcomed the birth of their first child while she was just 33-weeks pregnant, giving birth to a sweet baby boy named Wolf.

Taking to Instagram on Monday afternoon, 35-year-old Lottie answered a few fan questions and opened up about what it was like to welcome her little lad into the world quite a bit earlier than she expected to.

When one fan asked exactly how premature Lottie’s baby boy was, she responded by revealing, “He arrived with a bang [explosion emoji] 2 months early.”


Lottie also went on to share that her baby boy was well looked after in the NICU at the Rotunda hospital in Dublin for two and a half weeks, before they were allowed to go home.

One of Lottie’s followers asked how she was feeling as she came to realise that little Wolf was arriving early, to which Lottie revealed, “Honestly, it all happened so quickly that I didn’t really have time to feel or think!”

“Thank god for the team at The Rotunda who kept me calm and made me feel so safe,” she added.

One thing is certain anyway, Lottie and Fabio were made to be parents, as the Dancing With The Stars winner gushed, “ We’re on cloud nine and feeling very blessed. In a way it’s hard to imagine we lived for so long without him! It’s like he’s always been there.”