Long distance relationships: the real pros and cons!


Many couples are forced to go through periods of long distance at one stage or another. Maybe one of you has to move a few hours away for work, or you two live on totally separate continents.

Regardless of the number of miles between you both, long distance relationships can be hard work. Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook might be great but they’re no substitute for a cuddle on a lonely Monday night.

It’s not all bad though! Here are a few of the pros (and cons) of going long-distance…

1. Independence
Pro: You’re free to use your time however you want without having to consider someone else on a day-to-day basis. Many couples would kill for this freedom!
Con: You always feel like there’s a little part of you missing – in fact you’d give anything to have to factor your man into those after work plans!

2. Great sex (when you’re together)
Pro: There’s no better recipe for amazing, mind-blowing sex than having to go four months without it. You’ll barely make it home before jumping on one another!
Con: No sex when you’re not together. Enough said.

3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Pro: Sacrificing parts of your relationship makes you realise just how much you care for your other half. All the times you do share together in person will gain new significance, and when you finally get to live in the same place, you’ll never take that closeness for granted.
Con: When your relationship is reduced to a Skype call and a few Facebook chats every day, it can stop feeling real. There’s only so many times you can say “I miss you” before it loses all meaning.

4. Your bikini line can take a break
Pro: No point in going for an all-out Hollywood wax if there’s no-one to enjoy it, is there?
Con: That first wax after three months is HELLA painful.

5. Amazing chats every day
Pro: When you’re living together, distractions like the new episode of Love/Hate can seem far more pressing than actually having a proper conversation with your S.O. But when your whole day revolves around that phone call, you’re going to make it count!
Con: The money you spend on data and phone credit could feed a small African country.

6. Making plans for the future
Pro: Thinking about you plans down the line together takes some of the sting out of a long-distance relationship. Much as it might terrify other couples, you two will know exactly what your plan is for one/two/five years from now.
Con: It’s still a long way off. You’ll have lots of conversations along the lines of: “Well, six months is only 24 weeks, which is REALLY only 168 days.” Sadface.

7. Commitment
Pro: If the two of you can survive months or even years apart and still come out the other end a strong and happy couple, that bodes pretty well for the future. It’s a sure sign that you two are committed to making this relationship work.
Con: We see no cons with this one… enjoy it!