Lily Allen tells Beyoncé to move over and give her the crown


It seems Lily is taking no prisoners in her latest music video Sheezus, as the singer calls out a number of top female performers including the queen herself, Beyoncé.

Lily sarcastically demands in the song that Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Lorde move over and hand their musical thrones to her.

The singer even directly speaks of the each of the artists musical directions and says: “give me that crown, bitch.”

Lily said her new single is about her entering the music industry again as a female artist.

“And I guess the chorus talks about other people who exist in the scene and that women tend to be kinda played off against each other and it’s sorta sold to us or the way I read it is there is a queen and everyone else is in there kind of slip stream or whatever. And I guess what it’s trying to say is that we can all be Sheezus.”