Life changing things you need to do abroad before you’re all grown up


Holidays are great but sometime we just want a little more than a week in the sun, drinking piña coladas by the pool.

If it’s adventure that you are after you need to do at least one of these things abroad before your sense of adventure disappears.

Teach English in a foreign country, save the turtles in Costa Rica or build houses in South Africa, whatever you do, volunteering abroad will give you a sense of achievement and fantastic memories that will stay with your forever.

Work abroad
Volunteering abroad can be pretty hard on the pocket, unless you are pretty amazing at fundraising, so why not work abroad? If you are just out of college you can get a one year work visa for the US or a J1 if you are still in college. If the States isn’t your cup of tea, go for a two year visa to Canada or head down under for a couple of years.

Learn a language
Remember the craic at Irish college? You even managed to come home with a cúpla focal. Europe is so accessible in terms of college and work and you have such a huge choice of location. Why not head to Spain and learn Spanish or Germany? Or, if you are looking for a real adventure, grab a flight to Poland.

A trek is a great way to be in the open for longer than it takes to get from one bar to the other. The Inca trail in Peru is a four day trek, or why not do the Camino de Santiago if Peru is out of budget? If you want to go further afield, why not put the Himalayas on your to-do list?