Last night’s Call The Midwife taught me the most important life lesson

Last night’s episode of Call The Midwife broke my heart in two and patched it all up again. This season is better than ever before thanks to the heartfelt and emotional storylines.

The show reminds us of what matters most in life with last night’s episode offering the most stark reminder to us all. 

Viewers were taken aback by the touching storyline between Florrie and her daughter. The grandmother is starting to lose her memory, but doesn’t want to be a burden to her family so she keeps her struggles to herself.

When she accidentally leaves her granddaughter Gillian home alone, Florrie realises she can no longer continue the way she is so her daughter takes her to see Doctor Turner.

However, he struggles to diagnose her despite showing symptoms like aching joints, tiredness and memory loss. He eventually discovers that she has toxic levels of iron in her blood, but she will get better eventually.

There was one scene in particular when Florrie is at hospital and her daughter hands her a butterscotch to help her feel better, something her mum used to do when she was a child.

The mother-daughter duo reminded us that no matter what you’ll always have each other. They both leaned on one another when they needed support and love. It reminded me of just how lucky I am to have such a close bond with my own mam. 

It showed me that we will always be there for one another, during both the trying times and momentous moments.

Call The Midwife continues next Sunday.