Lady Gaga makes it ‘clear’ how much she loves her fans


Lady Gaga’s fans will be able to watch her upcoming shows from underneath a giant transparent stage.

The Poker Face singer is preparing to take her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball on the road, and the shows will take place on a transparent platform that will “engulf” the audience.

She said, “I’m really excited for a big, huge, clear stage.”

“It’s like a big party, so sort of like, the stage is these huge panels [that] really engulf the whole audience to the centre of the arena.

“But they also have space underneath them for you to walk, so you can look up underneath the stage at the dancers and me. There’s a VIP area for special fans who’ve got tickets to sit inside the stage and have their own bar. It’s all really fun and it’s a big art rave.”

And the Born This Way star joked she will be packing plenty of underwear to ensure her modesty is protected.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, she said, “Yes, I do have panties, yes. I have more panties than clothes probably.”