Lad goes viral by creating Princess Diana shrine in mate’s bedroom

The first time a prospective partner drops by your home is a big moment at the start of any relationship.

Most of us would put a little effort into making the place look presentable, but if we didn't have the time, we'd simply ask a roommate to do us a solid and give the place a once-over for us.

However, there is one lad out there who is definitely regretting going with the second option after his roommate decided to erect a shrine to Princess Diana in his bedroom.

Taking to Twitter to share his prank with the world, Twitter user, Deep Web Italian, revealed the effort he went to in order to mortify his mate.

Sharing a photo of the shrine, he wrote: "Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room."

And if the likes and retweets are anything to go by, Twitter has clearly found itself a new king.

"This will be the 1st story in your best man's toast at their wedding," wrote one person while another added: "I am absolute howling at this."

"I think that wins the interweb now and forever. Dark and beautiful," wrote yet another fan of this lad's work.

Take a bow, Deep Web Italian.