Kylie Jenner just leaked a sneak peek of her brand new docu-series

Ever wondered what exactly Kylie Jenner does with her time?

Well, a brand new docu-series is here to showcase the life of the self-proclaimed 'pop culture icon' 

The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan leaked the ad for her new series on Twitter, and it actually looks pretty entertaining. 

Following the teen's jet-set lifestyle, the video shows Kylie and her pals working, partying and enjoying downtime. 

'When you grow up on camera, everybody feels like they know you…but they don't,' Kylie says, over a montage of clips of her posing for photoshoots and attending her pop-up store openings.


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'Nobody has the perfect life, and now I can find what really is going to make me happy.'

'There is an image that I have to keep up with, and then there's me, Kylie' she finishes. 

Clearly Kylie is aiming to give her fans a look at the real girl behind the lip kits and Instagram filters, and we're dying to give it a watch.

Life of Kylie is set to air on E! in July.