Kylie Jenner gives the BEST reason for not having her SCAR removed

With so many tricks of the trade at their disposal, it’s easy to assume celebrities have zapped away any imperfections they might have had as soon as they reached stardom.

But thankfully a new tweet by Kylie Jenner has revealed that at times A-listers can be surprisingly refreshing when it comes to natural beauty.

When asked last week about the sizeable leg scar she’s had since childhood, the 19-year-old reality star said that while she could try and have it removed, she’d rather keep the mark because it’s part of who she is.

She wrote: “I’ve had it since I was 3 it’s in all my pics!  I could try & do treatments to remove but I like it.  I think it makes me [me].”

This isn’t the first time the cosmetics entrepreneur has opened up about her scar.

According to Us, late last year she shared a picture of the mark on Instagram alongside the caption “I love my scar” and during a 2011 interview she revealed that the scar is the result of an accident she had while playing hide and seek.