KUWTK star blasted over ‘inappropriate’ Instagram snap


Star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Hills, Brody Jenner has been blasted as disrespectful and inappropriate after he shared a photo of himself brandishing a rifle on Instagram yesterday evening.

In the photo, Brody can be seen aiming a rifle wearing a black hoodie and leaning against a black SUV. He captioned the image with a gun emoji.

The photo came just hours after gunmen in Paris shot and killed twelve people at the headquarters of Charlie Hedbo magazine. Many followers on the social media site slammed Brody’s choice of photo, commenting: “wrong day to post this” and “have some respect”. 

However, while most of his followers seemed outraged by his choice of photo on such a tragic day as yesterday, many others defending his right to pose with his weapon, saying: “There is nothing wrong with guns or shooting them.”

Despite many requests by people on Instagram to delete the photo, Brody has left it up and has not commented on the controversy yet.