KUWTK pregnancies and Irish roots: Caitlyn Jenner set for the Late Late

KUWTK fans, this one is for you.

Olympic gold medallist Caitlyn Jenner will appear on the Late Late Show this Friday.

Ryan is set to coyly query the athlete-turned-reality TV star on the rumours regarding the many alleged pregnancies in the Kardashian household.


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Caitlyn may also as discussing the imminent welcoming of her seventh Kardashian grandchild via surrogate, as Kim and Kanye prepare to welcome their third child.

Fingers crossed she'll let something slip, because we really need to know if a mini Kylie or Khl;oe is on the way. 

She will also be embarking on a frank and honest discussion about her life, recounting stories of her decades-long struggle of coming to terms with who she is.


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She will also describe the transition from Bruce to Caitlyn and her work on transgender rights.

One year on from the criticism she faced for voting for President Trump, she will discuss her disappointment at his policies including the transgender military ban.

Viewers will also get to hear about her mother Esther Maguire’s Irish roots, and she will candidly reveal what her relationship with the Kardashians are really like.

All will be revealed on The Late Late Show this Friday, November 10th at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.