Kristen Bell and Ellen audition for the Spice Girls and it’s just GAS

The Spice Girls reunion has been filling our newsfeeds for the past few weeks now, and Ellen DeGeneres and Kristen Bell decided to completely take the mick out of it yesterday.

Kristen appeared as a co-host on the popular talk-show and the pair decided to perform a little stint on the girlband's comeback.

"Last week the Spice Girls announced they're doing a big reunion tour, but Posh and Sporty are not going to be a part of it," Ellen said. 

"They're holding auditions for two spots in the group. Kristen and I are the perfect choice," she said. "Obviously."

The women dressed up as Posh and Sporty and the video clip is just hilarious.

Have a look at the video above and laugh your pants off.