Kris Jenner’s hands have ballooned and everyone is SO confused


Look, we know that the Kardashians are fond of their plastic surgery (no matter how much they deny it), but now it seems that Kris Jenner has gone one further and got something very unusual done.

The reality star caused concern during the week when she was pictured with a very swollen right hand.

Kris was out with her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, when the snap was taken and everyone immediately assumed that she had filler injected into her hands.

Beverly Hills surgeon Dr John Knight told Radar Online: "It looks like Kris Jenner had plastic rejuvenation on her hands. It's called Radiesse and it is a filler injected into her hands to make them appear more youthful. The swelling should go down in a few days."

However, a rep for the star told Gossip Cop that she had an operation to repair a bone which led to her hand swelling up.