Kris discusses Rob’s body image in recent interview


Kris Jenner, the world’s most famous ‘momager’,  has discussed her son Robert’s body image on a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show. Despite saying, on national TV, that her twenty-seven-year-old son has always been ‘chubby’, the mum-of-six said that she tells her children “how much they’re loved and how beautiful they are on the inside.”

Recent reports suggested that Rob and his mother’s relationship is far from loving, with the young sock designer claiming that Kris treats him “like dirt” while a source close to the family said: “It’s his mom who makes him feel terrible.” We don’t know how Rob will feel about Kris’s latest TV interview in that case.

Rob’s non-attendance at his sister Kim’s wedding to Kanye West earlier this year was yet another indicator that all was not well in the Kardashian camp.  This, in addition to reports that Kylie could no longer stand living with her mother, doesn’t do much to prove Kris’s claims that she’s a “real supportive parent”.

Kris and older sister Kim have reportedly made reference to both Rob’s appearance and professional life in the past, with some sources claiming that Kris once said: “He’s an obese person with a failed sock line.”

Kris says that everyone’s a critic, but it must be very difficult for Rob if he thinks his mum is his biggest one.