Kylie Jenner can no longer stand mum, Kris


Kris Jenner's relationship with her youngest daughter Kylie is on very rocky ground right now. The tension between the pair has officially reached fever pitch with 17-year-old Kylie adamant that she can no longer live with her mother. As a result, Kylie is leaving the family home and moving in with older sister, Khloe.

Reports claim that Kylie is sick of being ignored by Kris who is focussing all her attention on Kendall's modelling career. Older sister Khloe, who regularly refers to her mother's habit of favouring certain daughters, has luckily offered Kylie a port in the storm. 

There's no doubt that Khloe often felt in Kim's shadow while growing up and it seems like history may be repeating itself with the young Jenner sisters. A source close to the family has said: “Kylie is constantly arguing with her mom because Kris acts like Kylie doesn't even exist. She hates how her mom has destroyed their family unit and traded her soul for fame.”

So Khloe and Kylie will be living (it up) together. Is it just us or could there be a new show in the works?