Kimye did WHAT on their Irish honeymoon?


Reports have surfaced about how Kim and Kanye left Co. Limerick’s Castle Dillon because Kim couldn’t get any reception on her phone, and apparently they refused to pay their €30,000 bill.

The famous couple were meant to stay for five days, and had requested that the hotel buy expensive new sheets, a private chef, champagne, flowers and entertainment for their stay. However, when they got there, Kim wasn’t impressed. A source said: “It was clear the moment they arrived Kim wasn’t happy. She got out of the car and started saying there was no phone reception.

“Even when they were being shown around their honeymoon suite she kept walking around saying she couldn’t get a signal.

“Kanye said it was gorgeous but Kim didn’t make conversation. She seemed really distracted and put out.”

Apparently, because Kim wasn’t satisfied, they made their bank take back the money they had paid the hotel on their credit card, a source revealed: “By refunding it all back to the credit card they’ve left everyone involved with a massive bill.

“The problem is the kind of high-level credit card they used to pay for the venue and extras in advance allows them to get it all refunded back at any time.”

A spokesperson for Castle Dillon has denied the claims, and said: “They 100% paid their bill and I have no idea where this is coming from.”

We hope they’re telling the truth – leaving people in debt because you can’t get enough reception to live tweet your honeymoon is NOT cool!