Kim Kardashian’s style evolution

There is no doubting that Kim Kardashian has come a LONG way when it comes to her style. 

However, her choice of clothes has always been a topic of interest for many of her fans – especially where her husband Kanye is concerned. 

Known for helping to style her and even throwing out half of her wardrobe when they first began dating, Kanye is a major influence on his wife's style. 

However, while Kim may have gotten off to a dodgy start as this boots and jeans combo tells us (and let's be honest – we've all been there) Kim's style is largely lovely and she certainly knows how to dress for her figure. 

During her time with Kris Humphries, Kim was a big fan of short bodycon dresses and blazers – but these days she is rarely seen without a matching cropped top and pencil skirt which we think suit her wonderfully. 

Although Kim's pregnancy style was heavily criticised and the mum-of-one has admitted herself it was a hard time, we really like some of her choices, especially the one below!